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Can you hear me now? Good! March 7, 2006

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Well, isn’t this exciting… A new blog! My physiology class hosts a ton of useless information on this site, and, well, I nonetheless enjoy how it is organized… I think I like this better than Livejournal, Myspace, or Opendiary. It’s… Cleaner? I don’t know. And also, quite possibly, no one will think to look for me here. I like being anonymous.

So, now that I’m here, what am I supposed to say? I’m watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Actually, it’s more of a lull of background noise, and I’m starting to get drowsy… I need to clean off my balcony before I go to bed, though. I can’t forget about that. A brand-spankin-new washer and dryer set is being delivered to me tomorrow. Oh happy day! And, as I’ve told countless people this evening, I also got my ears pierced! I suppose I have to balance out the adult me (i.e., washer and dryer) with the child me somehow. I accomplished this by putting two new holes in my body. It doesn’t really seem so exciting in writing, though… How disappointing.

Anyway, that’ll be it for now. I’m really tired… And have class really early in the morning. 7:30. Ew. Here’s a toast, to writing a lovely new memoir… Even more exciting (though hopefully less drama-filled) than the one I wrote when I was 14-years-old! Cheers!

With love,